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Sukarara ~ Artisans weaving village, Selong Belanak Beach,Mawun Beach,Kuta Lombok Beach,Tanjung Aan Beach,Merese Hill,Benang Kelambu Waterfall,Benang Stokel Waterfall

Harga Dewasa (diatas 10 tahun)

Rp. 1.058.000 Per Orang

Harga Anak (2-10 tahun)

Rp. 529.000 Per Orang
Jalan Cipinang Timur Raya No 2 Rawamangun Jakarta Timur Indonesia 13240
Contact Person : NOVA
Telp/SMS : 021 22868816 / 0822 8370 0399
WhatsApp : +62858 1794 5404
Meeting Point
Lombok International Airport
Hotel Tempat Menginap
Homestay AC at Senggigi Beach
Min Pemesanan
7 Orang/Pax
Tiket Pesawat
Masa Berlaku
sampai 01/02/2017
Sistem Pembayaran
Down Payment 50 %
Pelunasan 7 Hari sebelum tanggal keberangkatan

Lombok Custom Tour 2017

Lombok Island is one island that has a wide range of beauty and wealth of natural attractions, cultural arts and traditional crafts which was amazing. From the selection of the appropriate price of accommodation you choose, you can choose the itinerary that we provide for a package tour 2 days 1 night.

Travel Package Options – Itinerary A 

Sukarara ~ Artisans weaving village


Sukarara Village is the name of a small village which is very beautiful and is one of the traditional weaving craft center that is located in the village Sukarara Jonggat Central Lombok District of West Nusa Tenggara. The location of this Sukarara village about 25 Km from the city of Mataram, or about 30 minutes of the journey, and about 5 km from the town of Praya.Most of the women in the village Sukarara working as a weaver. Woven fabric or songket from this DesaSukarara has its own characteristics with different design or motif with other woven fabrics that exist in Indonesia. A woven fabric work very beautiful and artistic that have exclusive designs produced by the skilled hands of women Sukarara Village.

 Selong Belanak Beach


 Selong Belanak beach is one of the beaches are quite popular, especially its natural beauty and cleanliness of the area and the beach. This beach has a coastline that is curved like a crescent moon. With some hills at the end of the crescent. As part of the Gulf of Selong Belanak, this beach has the edge with a length of about 1 kilometer and dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. About a quarter section of the beach, the South side, used the population as a residential area. About 40 families of fishermen who live in the area. Of course this area is less suitable for water activities, since many fishing boats are also on the move.If you want to perform a variety of water activities, you can switch to the North side of Selong Belanak Beach. This area is free from the activities of the local population. In addition to the fine white sand beaches, gorgeous sandy beaches sloping contours. So the waters are fairly calm and clear.
With such conditions that the beach, you can do various activities in this coastal area. Like just relaxing, walking around enjoying the atmosphere, sunbathing, swimming, and so forth. You can also hire a local fishing boat for fishing. Or you can also see the simple life of the locals. Like children who help their parents with transporting fresh water for daily needs, fishermen repairing nets and boats, or the wife who catches her husband were burning, and much more.

Mawun Beach


Mawun beach actually has sufficient charm to become a tourist beach. The beach on Lombok Island is part of the bay. Coastline is shaped like a horseshoe, with two hills which are in the East and the West. Also white sandy beaches, as well as soft-textured at the beach center. While on the western side, the sand is coarse textured and mixed with rubble.The topography of the coastline in the middle of quite deep compared to the West and the East. The waves also relatively larger. Because of the central part of dealing directly with the Indian Ocean. While in the West and the East was blocked by the hill. So on this side have the waves are relatively calm.If you want to play and move in Mawun beach, it is recommended that you choose the side of the West or East coast. Because on both sides of these, coastal topography is relatively flat and calm wave. Thus, you and your children can play and move water. Turkish middle part is suitable for swimming. However, due to relatively deep and choppy, we recommend you also need to be careful. Because on the beach there is no coast guard.
You can also browse the hill at both sides, namely the West and East sides. From the top of the hill, you can enjoy the view of the horizon of the Indian Ocean, the ranks of the hills and coastline including Mawun beach from a height.

Kuta Lombok Beach


Kuta Beach is usually synonymous with the most famous beach on the island of Bali. When you think that Kuta Beach is a very beautiful beach, then you will be amazed when visiting Kuta Beach Lombok. Located in the southern region of the island of Lombok, this beautiful beach has sand that is more clean and white. As well as a more undulating coastline, with a range of healthy coral reefs. Thus presenting to you a romantic view of the wondrous.If you want to visit Lombok Kuta Beach, came to the village of Kuta, District Pujut, Central Lombok. This beach has a 7.2 kilometer long coastline. On the west coast, there is a hill called Bukit Mandalika. The name is derived from the ancient story of the local community, about a daughter named Mandalika. Mandalika daughter finally jumped into the sea from this hill, because it avoids the pursuit of a prince who wanted to mempersuntingnya. Well at the present time, this hill became the most perfect place to enjoy the view from a height of Kuta. If you reach the top of Mount Mandalika, you will see a view of a beautiful stretch of Kuta Beach, with clear sea water. In fact you can see clusters of coral reefs. At the location of the beach, a lot of activities you can do at this wondrous beach. Such as snorkeling, surfing, or just splashing while waiting for a beautiful sunset.

Tanjung Aan Beach


Tanjung Aan Beach is very appropriate for those who like air-snorkling and swimming. Because the waves are fairly quiet with relatively shallow depths. If you forgot to bring your equipment, snorkeling equipment rental are available on the beach. By late afternoon sea levels will begin to rise, makes Pantai Tanjung Aan is a great place to surf. Tanjung Aan is surrounded by several hills. You can easily reach the hill, if you want to see view Tanjung Aan beautiful beach of altitude. Lombok travel around the coast, you will see some wooden umbrella with knitted straw as the roof. One way to enjoy the beach of Tanjung Aan is to lie under the umbrella, enjoying coconut you can buy around the beach. You can also visit the row of restaurants that provide a wide variety of cuisines. You can try the local cuisine menus, while enjoying the beauty of Tanjung Aan amazing.

Merese Hill


Merese hill which is in the middle of Lombok exactly next to the west coast of Tanjung Aan or if Kuta beach is located at the eastern side. View are served really amazing where when it went up the mountain looks clear sea water gradation turquoise even though the dark sky. Can travel from the city of Mataram approximately 1.5 hours or less from Lombok airport one hour. In Merese hill, you can see the beauty of Tanjung Aa’n fullest. In addition to the blue sea and the green hills, you can see a very beautiful sunset here!
Seen from the top of the hill sea water gradation from dark blue to green Tosca, signaling the sea there is much deeper. On the other hand, looks a sloping beach with crystal clear water like a mirror. Seen a few tourists who sit back and relax in the gazebo enjoying the sun.

Benang Kelambu Waterfall


Benang Kelambu Waterfall  is the most famous waterfall on the island of Lombok. Nature tourism waterfall is located at the foot of Mount Agung, right in the middle of the island of Lombok. Benang Kelambu Waterfall is located approximately 32 Kilometers from the city of Mataram, or about 1 hour drive.You will be greeted with shady trees and a peaceful atmosphere and cool. The road leading to the location of the waterfall has been constructed in such a way, so you can get to the waterfalls comfortably. Along the side of the road you can find stalls selling snacks and drinks. You can also taste Nasi Kaput, a type of rice that is mixed with paper wrap.At this waterfall, the water seemed to go out of luxuriant vegetation. Actually this waterfall originates from many springs, which went straight through the cracks in the cliffs. But because its banks covered with vegetation that thrives, it looks as though the water out of the lush vegetation. The waterfall is named Waterfall Yarn Nets for the water jump, which is shaped like a mosquito net. This waterfall has 3 levels. The top level is derived directly from the spring, and has a height of about 30 meters. The second level is a continuation of the first floor, with a height of about 10 meters. The third floor has a height of only 5 meters.

Benang Stokel Waterfall


Benang Stokel Waterfall has 2 water dives a height of about 30 meters. Waterfall on the left has a greater discharge than the right. Meanwhile, under which there is a small shelter flushing water that falls from above. The pool can be used for bathing and swimming. This waterfall is located at an altitude of 552 m above sea level (asl) in the area of Mount Rinjani National Park Tour.Benang Stokel name in the local language means a piece of thread. This name was given because of the waterfall resembles threads are tied together.

Travel Package Options – Itinerary B :Sasak Sade Village, Senggigi Beach,Batu Bolong Temple,Krandangan beach, Narmada Park,Suranadi Park, Sayang-Sayang art market

 Travel Package Options – Itinerary C:Gili Island (Trawangan, Meno, Air),Merese Hill,Tanjung Aan Beach

 Travel Package Options – Itinerary D:Pink Beach Island (Pink 1,2,3), Gili Petelu, Tete Batu



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